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In addition to correctly installed stucco stops, gutters, downspouts, and waterproofing, Shreveport Masonry ensures that our clients leave with a positive impression. Seeing how much we care about the details and the work we produce is proof of that! Many essential information and processes are involved in planning and mapping our work to ensure the entire installation and repair phase runs smoothly. As a result, we can increase your home or property value with our professional brick installation services, brick replacement services, and brick repair services. Shreveport Masonry puts in the time and takes care of the work to keep our promise to you. It is our goal to make sure you are happy with the service provided to you. In addition, you can enhance your property’s aesthetics and the environment by installing brick retaining walls, brick hallways, custom brick fireplaces, or freestanding brick walls.

Additionally, we can work with bricks, stone, or concrete as well. Our staff takes full responsibility for making sure we pick the most durable bricks in the industry, ensure our products are installed to the highest quality standards, and build structures that will last for generations. The company provides top-tier brick masonry construction services that guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction for clients, ensuring that their needs are met beyond belief and taking into utmost consideration. In times like these, we realize it is crucial to find experts and professional services, and we want to be the choice you make. ​

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A variety of bricklaying methods can be used for a variety of purposes.

There are many types of brick bonds that bricklaying contractors perform during their work. We are about to discuss some of the most common ceramic and concrete bonding materials used in brickwork, whether they are used for brick repair, restoration, or installation in a commercial or residential building. The following is a list of the various types of bonds that brickworks usually use.

Brick bonds are an essential element of every building structure. Their purpose is to ensure a solid and stable laying of the bricks; they also play a part in creating a pattern for the bricklaying that contributes to the structure’s aesthetic appeal.

Types of Brickwork Bonds

English Bond

Many types of bonds are used in bricklaying, and the English bond is one of the most popular. There are two parts to it, the headers and the stretchers. As the name implies, it is a type of brick bonding used to construct solid brick walls.

Flemish Bond

A Flemish bond has two types; the single bond and the double bond. Single Flemish bonds combine both English and Flemish bonds. Double Flemish bonds are the second type. Brick walls with this type of bond consist of headers and alternate stretchers. A bricklaying masonry bond is a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of the process.

Stretcher Bond

When bricks are laid stretcher bond, they are laid on their long faces. Stretcher bonding involves the bricks being laid in stretcher courses to build half brick walls. 

Header Bond

An example of a Header Bond is when the short side of the brick is being used for laying. Brick walls with a thickness of one brick are constructed using this technique. Bricks are applied in a header course pattern, that is, for the short face of the brick.

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Brick Masons in Shreveport LA

Masonry Shreveport offers a wide range of brick contractor services, including repairing, restoring, and installing bricks, including brick patios, retaining walls, and exterior and interior walls, not only for homeowners but also for businesses. In Shreveport, LA, we offer brick masonry services to anyone who wishes to access them.

For thousands of years, we have enjoyed Shreveport Brick construction and brick restoration and repairs. Bricks are made of sand, lime, clay, and concrete, but many different types. The stacks of bricks that we use for your creations can be lightweight or heavy. Our professional brick masons will provide you with a free estimate and answer any questions you may have regarding your project. 

We offer services including brick replacement, brick installation, and brick repair, which are all part of our brick masonry services that can improve the value and aesthetics of your home, we also offer cement/concrete repairs. We at Shreveport Masonry devote all our effort and skills to our projects throughout their timeframe. Installing brick walls, brick retaining walls, freestanding brick walls, and custom brick fireplaces are all great ways to significantly improve your home’s aesthetic value. So what are you waiting for? If you need any type of brickwork, you can be confident about working with Shreveport Masonry! Call us now!

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