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Chimney and Fireplace Repair Shreveport

The human race has had a very close connection to fire from the earliest days. For thousands of years, human beings have relied heavily on fire as their source of heat, food preparation, and any other practical use of fire that has allowed us to survive. Today, that is why the fireplace is still one of the main features in most homes, and it is also one of the things a family household cannot live without. Our company, Shreveport Masonry, specializes in fireplace and chimney masonry for residents of Shreveport, Louisiana, who want a chimney or fireplace built or want to have an existing fireplace repaired.

 In the case of residential or commercial properties with fireplaces, chimneys are an essential component. The fireplace will not be needed if you do not have one. The convenience of having an open fireplace doesn’t matter what the time of year is. During the cold winter months, everyone loves having a warm and cozy setting in their home. In addition to providing proper smoke ventilation for a wood-burning fireplace, chimneys provide good heat circulation for a furnace and stoves in your kitchen as well. In the absence of a chimney, there would be no other way for the smoke to be expelled, which could have grave health consequences.


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It is essential to build your chimney, especially the foundation, properly. It is the advice we offer to our clients as chimney masonry contractors. The chimney is made from bricks, so it is quite a heavy construction, there are also others that uses natural stones. Therefore, homeowners and commercial property owners alike should contact masonry and bricklaying contractors immediately if you notice any problems with your chimney’s foundation.

 Many buildings have chimneys located outside that can withstand harsh weather conditions when they occur occasionally, and that can be said of the chimneys themselves. Many structural attributes are indications that chimneys are masonry crafts that are very complicated but are also highly durable. The fireplace builders and chimney builders have been handling brick chimney services for a long time. 

Chimney and Fireplace Repair by Shreveport LA professional Masons

It is possible to repair your chimney or fireplace by a variety of methods. Shreveport Masonry, first, makes sure to install any safety barriers that will protect the roof from falling bricks and anything else that may cause damage. It means we will cover up the top of the roof to avoid any damage from falling bricks. Although, there will be no need to worry about it since our concrete and masonry company has all the necessary insurances. Following this, the scaffolding will be installed as the next step of the procedure. The frame is also erected with great care to ensure no damage is caused by its construction.

 Understandably, homeowners get nervous when it comes to repairing or rebuilding a chimney on their property. They are concerned that things will get messy and possibly cause some problems is a misconception, but it should not concern you since it is under the hands of professional masonry contractors. As a result of this experience, we highly disapprove of DIY chimney installations, restorations, and repairs. They can lead to severe and dangerous events if the homeowners do not have the knowledge and experience necessary.

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Shreveport LA Chimney and Fireplace Demolition Service

Among our variety of services, we provide installation, repair, and restoration of chimneys and fireplaces, in addition to offering a range of chimney and fireplace services to choose from. The local contractors we work with can also perform chimney demolition in addition to masonry services. If a chimney or fireplace demolition is necessary, we will notify you directly if we are obligated to do so. Unfortunately, there are times when it is impossible to salvage chimneys and fireplaces; in such situations, they can be destroyed and replaced. As a result, we will have to start from scratch and lay a virgin foundation, and when it is complete, we will build a new one by step.

 You may require our chimney and fireplace services, whether installing new chimneys or fireplaces, restorations or even repairing existing chimneys or fireplaces. Whether it’s a small masonry chimney project where you need the help of a professional fireplace contractor in Shreveport or a large masonry chimney project requiring the use of our professionals, our company is always here to help!

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