History of Ellerbe Woods LA

About Ellerbe Woods, Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana in the United States, there is a city known as Shreveport. The city is the third most populous in Louisiana, after the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, respectively. A 2020 census estimate places the population of Shreveport–Bossier City at 393,406 people, the fourth largest metropolitan area in Louisiana. The city’s population is estimated at 397,590 in 2020.

Ellerbe Woods in Shreveport, Louisiana, is one of the best places to live in the city. A neighborhood of impressive homes, towering pines, and quiet streets, Ellerbe Woods is one of Shreveport’s most highly sought-after areas for real estate. There are an astonishing number of runners along Ellerbe Road, the main street through this area. It is a very narrow road, and there is no sidewalk along this stretch. However, the amount of traffic along this stretch is quite low. It is recommended that you choose residential streets off Ellerbe Road, such as Wildoak and Ellerbe Woods, if you prefer quieter roads for meandering around town. 

This is an area within Shreveport, Louisiana, specifically located in Ellerbe Woods, a suburban neighborhood.  In Shreveport’s Ellerbe Woods neighborhood, which is among the 15 percent of the country’s wealthiest neighborhoods, residents enjoy a high level of wealth. This neighborhood has some of the lowest percentages of children living in poverty among all of the neighborhoods in the United States. It is no wonder then that the Ellerbe Woods community truly stands out from all the rest, in the midst of a nation where one in every four children is living in poverty. Ellerbe Woods is also unique in that it houses a higher percentage of same-gender couples than 98.6% of neighboring neighborhoods in the United States. This neighborhood has shown that it is a place that you should take into consideration if you are seeking such a neighborhood. 

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the adults in the Ellerbe Woods neighborhood are educated and wealthy. Many of those adults own stately homes that have experienced great appreciation in value over time. Their career advancement keeps them busy, but they maintain a comfortable standard of living. You might consider settling in this neighborhood if you are an executive who would like to keep a similar company, which is rated as an executive lifestyle “best choice” neighborhood in Louisiana, meaning it is better for executive lifestyles than 98.0% of the neighborhoods in Louisiana. It is also a very good choice for families with school-aged children and urban sophisticates. Hence, this is not just a great neighborhood for executive-level executives but also for families with school-aged children.

Ellerbe Woods stands out at the national lev
el as it has a greater proportion of its residents who are active in the military than most other neighborhoods in the United States. If you come to this area, you will see military personnel in uniform working, going to and from work, and out and about in their neighborhoods in plain clothes.


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