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At Shreveport Masonry, our principal focus is to give our customers high-
quality services to ensure their long-term happiness. We aim to do our job to
an essential quality while exceeding your expectations because we are the top
masonry contractors in Shreveport, LA.

Our Services

We already have a lot of expertise and understanding about masonry work since we are the best masonry contractors in Shreveport, LA. Therefore, our company should constantly deliver the most excellent service to our clients. Most property owners have realized the benefits of having good landscaping and hardscaping renovations on their property in recent years due to recent advancements. One of the main reasons you should do so is to keep your property in good repair to increase its worth.

Picture of a masonry worker laying some red bricks, picture taken at Shreveport, LA

In addition to choosing the highest quality bricks in the industry, ensuring that our products are installed according to the highest standards, and building structures that endure for generations, members of our staff take full responsibility for making sure everything goes smoothly. As a result, we offer top-tier brick and masonry construction services that guarantee clients’ utmost satisfaction, ensuring that their needs are met beyond belief and taken into consideration at all times. 

It is general knowledge that concrete surfaces are highly durable, and concrete driveways may survive for decades. It’s important to remember, though, that various factors might harm their vitality. To put it another way, you don’t have to start over when it comes to replacing your concrete driveway since there are still ways to save it and make it seem new. Please keep this in mind if you are unsure about what you are doing or what is necessary. If you want to fix your concrete difficulties, it’s advisable to enlist the help of specialists.

We offer chimney and fireplace installation, maintenance, and repair as part of our wide range of services. Additionally to masonry services, the contractors we work with can perform chimney demolition. You will be notified directly if the chimney or fireplace is required for demolition if that is the case. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to salvage chimneys and fireplaces; they can be wrecked and replaced in these cases. 

Additionally, we offer masonry services for natural stones as well. More than a hundred types of natural stones are used in interior and exterior applications, and they can be used in both interior and external building applications. Although it is a popular and highly challenging craft, natural stone masonry still requires extensive training. As far as stonemasonry is concerned, there are many techniques and types to choose from. 

No one in Shreveport, LA, does stone masonry better than us. Contact our professional masons for stonework and stone veneers in your home, and we will handle it for you. A stacked stone veneer can also serve as an attractive finishing touch to Masonry structures. Installing masonry stone veneers is what we specialize in at our firm in Shreveport, LA.

We believe in providing the highest standard of repointing and tuckpointing and ensuring all works are completed correctly and according to instructions. In Shreveport, we offer our customers one of the best repointing and tuckpointing services. Lime mortar can only be worked with by trained and experienced Shreveport Masonry staff. Our expert builders can handle it, no matter what style of property you have – from the historic Victorian villa to the traditional masonry home.

Picture of a concrete worker spreading the cement to make the surface even, picture taken at Shreveport, LA
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