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Shreveport LA Natural Stone Masonry

Our natural stone masonry services are in addition to our brick masonry services. The majority of natural stones used for interior and exterior building applications are from over a hundred different types of stone. Despite its popularity, natural stone masonry requires much training and is a highly challenging craft. In stone masonry, many techniques and styles can be used. 

Preparation of the stone to be used

The first step is to determine how much work will be involved to determine the scope of work required to conserve or restore a stone building, monument, or structure. The Stone team of Shreveport Masonry will be pleased to advise you or your architect in the design process as one of our essential services.

Using our experience and knowledge of current historical practices and principles, we will conduct a site survey and condition report and recommend the most suitable methods to achieve the best outcomes for your stonemasonry project. In addition, we will consider the need for templating, stone selection, banker work, and fixing on most projects that our team will take on.

Templating of the stone

Shreveport Masonry puts a full-sized cutting table in its in-house drawing office to produce stone building templates with the most significant dimensions possible. There are numerous types of template and pattern making, each requiring an understanding of the stone and its characteristics and the finish to be achieved. To produce a single stone, it is often necessary to employ several stone templates.

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Choosing the suitable stone for your project

We take great care to choose the suitable stones for a natural stone conservation or restoration project to ensure the fabric of the building remains consistent when we are selecting the new stone. It is essential to Shreveport Masonry that we carefully consider all aspects of the natural stone: our company remembers the color of the rock and the density and porosity qualities, and the characteristics of weathering.

 We prefer to obtain the replacement stone from the same quarry the original stone was taken when the structure was constructed. However, this may not always be possible when the original quarry is no longer in operation. The geological characteristics of the stone may also have changed over time in other cases, even if the quarry is still in process, and the stone may no longer be a match for the original stone.

The meticulous approach we believe to be necessary offers a significant advantage in repairing stone indentations. Ensuring that the new stone indent works with the original stone is crucial, providing equal moisture expulsion and comparable aging.


Shreveport Masonry Installation services of stone walkways, stairs, and walls

Elegant walkways are the finishing touch that brings your property together by adding convenience and dimension. You can rely on Shreveport Masonry to build custom brick or stone walkways that add beauty to your outdoor space, whether you want to upgrade your existing walkways or add convenient travel paths to entrances or interesting areas in your landscape.


A flagstone walkway offers timeless beauty that can’t be topped for durability and longevity. Whether you like the informal charm of natural irregular patterns or you prefer a modern, symmetrical stone path, there’s no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of your home. Besides natural stone walkways, we can also build them using limestone or bluestone, providing a wide variety of color alternatives.


For the best results to be achieved, expert installation is vital. To ensure your property is protected from water flow issues, erosion, or grading problems that could lead to shifting, uneven stones, and cracking in the future, we assess the unique characteristics of your property before we begin our implementation process.

A natural stone staircase adds an elegant, classical look to many walkways that interconnect various elevations. Furthermore, they are a perfect addition to any patio or pool deck and make the surrounding area look elegant.

The style of retaining walls can vary considerably depending on the material chosen. Still, building retaining walls from stone creates a timeless elegance that will not be found with any other type of wall. No matter which part of the world you live in, natural stone retaining walls give you a look and feel you want-whether that is Victorian style, rustic elegance, or a sense of elegance and history.

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Picture of a nicely cut stones that has been made as a stone wall, picture taken at Shreveport, LA

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To ensure the stone retaining wall stands the test of time, you need the right kind of structural support. That’s why you need to hire a Stone Mason Shreveport LA with experience in handling your project so you will be able to achieve success.

Shreveport Masonry specializes in the masonry of natural stones for projects ranging from outdoor living to retaining walls for various outdoor living applications. Our Stone Mason Shreveport LA team are experts artisans who pay attention to the most minor details of your project to make sure that it runs smoothly. You can also check out our stone veneer services!

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