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Shreveport Stone Veneer Installation Process

Easy installation is one of the benefits of stone veneers. Compared to natural stone, it can be easier to work with them, and they can also be cut more easily. Stone veneers are light and porous, making them a good choice for exterior use. It will sometimes be possible for untrained individuals to install this type of system. Unlike artificial stone, natural stone must be installed by professionals who know what they are doing. In addition, natural stones are tough to cut due to their density.

You will not find a better stone masonry contractor in Shreveport, LA than us. Whenever you need professional masons to do stonework for your home, contact us, and we will take care of it. In addition to fireplaces, stacked stone veneers can also provide an appealing appearance. Our firm specializes in installing fireplaces in Shreveport, LA, and installing stacked stone fireplaces.

For those of you who are in love with the aesthetic appeal of stone exterior facades for your home or even cozy stacked stone fireplaces, it is a look that is very much possible. Installing stone veneers is a job best left to our masons with years of experience. There is a natural stone texture to masonry veneers, so it almost seems like a natural stone. 

This company specializes in the building of stone veneers. In addition to the fact that our stone veneer installers have years of experience in their job, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results when their projects have been completed. Additionally, there is no need to worry about working directly with homeowners since we have experience doing so. In addition to stone veneers, we specialize in all types of stone masonry and any stonework required within your home: these include slabs, parameters, and chimneys, among others.​

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Shreveport LA Stone Veneer Services

As beautiful as the stone it replicates, stone veneers look like they came from the same quarry as the real thing. The materials are commonly used as exterior facades, stone veneer fireplaces, and statement walls unique and stand out as architectural features. With Masonry Veneers, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns for your home or property. This is why they’re one of the most popular choices for property owners who want to renovate the house or building they own. The prices are also lower than those of natural stone, which makes them a more attractive option. Stone veneer is highly versatile in that Masons can apply it to multiple substrates: metal or wood framing, reinforced concrete, and even concrete blocks or bricks. First, however, it is necessary to make sure that they are correctly installed to establish them successfully.

There are a variety of styles of stone veneer available.

It is possible to get stone veneers in two varieties. Natural stone veneers are the first type, while manufactured stone veneers are the second. It’s entirely up to you which of the two you prefer. Manufactured stone veneers became a popular finishing touch on feature walls and facades of buildings in the masonry market when masons first introduced them. Besides its affordability, it was also versatile. Due to their unsurpassed aesthetics, natural stone veneers, however, remain the preferred option.


Veneers made from natural stone

Natural stone veneers, as their name implies, are made from natural stone quarried on the ground. Veneers are made by slicing big pieces of rock into thin profiles. Centuries-old formations of the stone cause variations in tints and textures of natural stone veneers. A natural stone veneer cannot be compromised in terms of authenticity. The wall will not be found anywhere else in the world precisely as it is. The authenticity and originality that natural stone veneers provide cannot be competed with by manufactured stone veneers.

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Picture of a worker with a yellow gloves sticking a thin veneer on a wall, picture taken at Shreveport, LA

Artificial stone veneers

Artificial stone veneers are manufactured stone masonry veneers made to look like natural stone. In other words, it’s a product that can replicate natural stone in terms of its appearance. A concrete set is made by pressing aggregate materials into a mold to give natural stones the appearance. Compared to natural stone veneers, manufactured stone veneers are lightweight, which is an advantage. In addition to being easier to install, they are also compatible with different masonry structures. Using a wide selection of colors, styles, and patterns, the customers can choose the one that’s right for them. If you look at them closely, you can see that they look like genuine stones. However, although they are durable and long-lasting, they are prone to fading and deterioration over time. Call Shreveport Masonry now! If you want to check out our Tuckpointing & Repointing Services click here!

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