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Shreveport LA Repointing

We are a tuckpointing and repointing contractors! Even though repointing and tuckpointing are different, unfortunately, these terms are frequently used interchangeably. The process of repointing involves removing damaged mortar joints and repointing them. The concept of tuckpointing consists in using two different colors of mortar to fill joints. It is not always necessary for damage control. In addition to being referred to as brick masonry, both can also be grouped as a class. Be sure your mason knows the difference between tuckpointing and repointing before hiring them for either! As a Shreveport Masonry customer, you can be assured that we will explain everything clearly to you.

As a repointing company, we take great care to perform all works to the highest standard and ensure they are carried out correctly and according to the instructions. Whenever possible, we will match the original mix with the new mortar and be in a position to use a softer compound than what we are working with. Repointing is one of our skill sets, and we pride ourselves on offering our customers in Shreveport one of the best services available. It is our experience and training with Shreveport Masonry that have enabled us to work with lime mortar. Our team of expert builders can take care of any property style, from historical Victorian villas to traditional masonry homes.

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A picture of a brick wall that has been freshly repointed by tuckpointing and repointing contractors, picture taken at Shreveport, LA

Benefits of Repointing

Many of our Shreveport LA customers have required repointing over the years. To ensure a high standard of finish, a trained professional takes each step of the repointing process. Adding repoints to a building is one of the best ways to restore its physical and aesthetic appeal. Initially, we remove all of the old mortar so that we can repoint the walls cleanly. The following are some of the main benefits of repointing:

  • Strengthens the brickwork by repairing the structural integrity
  • Provides weatherproofing for your walls
  • Enhances the general appearance
  • Keeps your property’s value high and increases its value
  • Maintenance is reduced to a minimum

There are many benefits that repointing offers, and the above are just a few. You can arrange to have one carried out; get in touch with Shreveport Masonry. One of our team is always on hand to assist.

Tuckpointing Shreveport LA

​Your home’s bricks can be repaired by tuckpointing the damaged mortar. It relates to the restoration aspect of masonry work. Be careful! If you want to ensure the best results from tuckpointing, hire a masonry contractor specializing in the task! It is often necessary to tuckpoint when you have recess joints. Usually, these places have crumbled or turned to dust, and the joints are recessed into the walls. However, this may mean that you do not have structural issues yet; however, as preventative maintenance, you need to fill them as soon as possible to ensure they do not fill with water. Stress cracks are another essential thing that you need to watch out for. It is widespread to find this type of sign above, below, or in front of windows, doors, and even garage doors. 

They look like steps going up the wall. Usually, these stress cracks go through the mortar, but occasionally it does go through the brick. In this case, you will have to get the bricks removed and replaced. 

Tuckpointing’s Advantages
Shreveport Masonry may do all forms of tuckpointing. We can assist you in filling the cracks and holes in your mortar, or we can grind out the old mortar and refill it. The following are some of the advantages of tuckpointing regularly:

  • Adding to the value of your property
  • Restoring the natural beauty of your house
  • Keeping more mortar damage at bay
  • Storm and other weather damage protection for your home
  • lowering the likelihood of moisture accessing and entering your chimney system
  • preserving and repairing the chimney’s and ancient brickwork’s integrity
  • Tuckpointing is less costly than completely rebuilding a chimney.
Picture of a lot of stone blocks on the ground, picture taken at Shreveport, LA
Picture of a brick wall on the process of tuckpointing, work done by tuckpointing and repointing contractors.

The issues that come with crumbling mortar

It’s critical to call the tuckpointing and repointing contractors at Shreveport Masonry as soon as you notice the degradation of your chimney’s mortar. Only by responding immediately will you be able to prevent the situation from worsening. When defective masonry begins to crumble, it can cause significant structural damage. Chimneys that are leaning sagging or bowing can create a variety of issues, including:

  • Bricks might easily fall from the roof, causing property damage and perhaps injuring someone.
  • Water damage can be caused by rain and snow seeping through the brickwork.
  • Insects and other pests can get into your home through cracks that aren’t sealed.
  • Smoke and toxic combustion gases

We specialize in tuckpointing and repointing in Shreveport Masonry. However, we are much more than a tuckpointing and repointing company. From the first consultation to completion, we are expert craftsmen that handle every element of your masonry project. Each completed masonry job is the culmination of years of practice honing our talents and unwavering devotion to our art. In addition, we’re proud of our abilities to restore and maintain masonry’s inherent beauty.

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